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TaKAI Series High Energy PowerCELL


TaKAI PowerCELL, 80 ampere, 2.2 Farad High Energy PowerCELL

TaKAI PowerCELL, is a high power energy reserve which stores energy in an ESD (electrostatic) field, instead of in a slow chemical reaction like typical batteries or capacitors. Unlike a battery or common capacitor which stores energy in chemical form, The PowerCELL uses ESD fields to instantly deliver power on demand to high power devices. Using the latest advancements and nano technology, combined with the main battery, improves peak energy power demands for loads that require instant power. Some such situations are during rapid rpm changes, or heavy amperage loads such as fuel pumps or ignition amplifiers.

This technology is highly useful in applications requiring pulse energy that cannot be efficiently provided by a battery or alternator alone. The devices ability to relieve the battery of peak power functions and allows for instant power on demand to your high energy electrical components for over 1 minute without a battery source. Allowing for extended battery life by reducing high current instantaneous discharging, reduces battery size requirements, and improves the electrical systems performance. This is especially useful with small, lightweight battery applications that cannot supply high burst power, or large automotive batteries which commonly have a high internal resistance preventing instant burst energy output.

Long wire runs to the electronics also results in high resistance runs which prevent a significant amount of instant burst energy, but the compact size of the unit allows it to mount directly to the power feed of any device, using a low resistance, short wire run for maximum benefit. This as well as constant power conditioning removes dips and temporary sags in a power supply voltage.

Offering a low internal resistance while converting 98% of it's electrical energy without loss, PowerCELL can stay connected directly to the power source without draining the battery where conventional high capacity energy reserves continually drain and tax the charging system. TaKAI Series PowerCELL maintains a charge for over a month without requiring a top up while providing instant power on demand when needed.

Ffits in the palm of your hands, the unit is easilly tucked next to the battery, ignition, fuel pump, amplifier, or other high power device for optimal performance. TaKAI ACE is the best solution available for reliable, performance oriented vehicles in need of a highly effective power source.

Efficiency - 98+%
Capacity - 2.2 Farad (TOTAL)
Voltage - 16.8 volts DC (MAX)
Maximum burst current 80 amps @ 40 degrees celcius
ESR - 85% lower vs any automotive battery type
Leakage Current - ~0.028 milliamps
Operating Temperature Range -40 to 95 degrees celcius
Cycle Life - 500,000+ cycles
Dimensions - 2.2" x 1.6" x 0.7"

PowerCELL TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS : Full technical specifications for TaKAI High Energy PowerCELL Module.

POWERCELL WIRING MANUAL : Power Bank Wiring Diagram


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  • Model: IEK10011
  • Manufactured by: WeaponX

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