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WeaponX Iridium Low Resistance Spark Plug F#CF

WeaponX Performance Spark Plugs

ExtremeX Series, Low Resistance Iridium / Rhodium 14mm thread, 21mm reach, Taper seat

Guaranteed improved performance, or your money back! The ExtremeX Ultra High Performance spark plug lineup is the perfect choice for engines that require smooth engine response and the MOST power output from idle to redline. Designed to be the best, no compromise spark plug the ExtremeX lineup is essential for releasing all the available power waiting to be unleashed in your engines combustion chamber!

The fact is, engines NEED a hotter spark for a more complete, higher horsepower combustion event. A small spark can only release an equivalent amount of energy in another process such as starting a large flame kernel in the combustion chamber. This is why it is also critical to increase available spark output. By increasing spark output more energy per combustion event can then be released. So what is needed to realize the full potential from an engine are the ExtremeX spark plugs which excel over other designs in increasing spark energy.

Why is WeaponX this confident in the abilities of our designs over the competitors? Using technology trickle down methods WeaponX is the only company that modifies typical designs used in professional racing series to enhance the performance of street orientated vehicles. For example, typical spark plugs have extremely high internal resistances which compromise power output because of federal guidelines for noise emissions. The ExtremeX spark plug is designed to have a highly efficient solid copper core, also used in professional leagues such as F1, developed to truly enhance spark output. Typical spark plug resistances range from 5000-10000 ohms meaning about 25% of the electrical energy in the spark event is being lost as heat. This ExtremeX plug lineup has a low 4000ohm internal resistance allowing for maximum output!

During the engineering phase WeaponX took a no compromise approach to product development and specified the highest quality materials available. With professional level features such as our O2F solid copper core, FC grounding system and our exclusive Cut Back Power insulator designed to reduce flame quenching the ExtremeX spark plugs allow for unmatched performance. This, along with our 360 laser welded tip that reduces required energy to fire the spark, make the ExtremeX spark plugs uncompromising in power output and fuel mileage gains!

The WeaponX engineering team has also spec'd an Iridium / Rhodium super alloy which is superior to conventional spark plug materials based on hardness, strength, melting point and pure electrical conduction. The new super alloy is composed primarily of Iridium with Rhodium mixed in for further performance and electrical conduction enhancements making it MORE CONDUCTIVE then standard electrode "copper" spark plugs that use a nickle based blend.

Designed to be the best, no compromise spark plug for all engine combinations, the technology in the ExtremeX lineup is exclusive to WeaponX and proven on professional race circuits around the world. Delivering state of the art technology to common street vehicles resulting in uncompromising spark output, dramatic gains in performance, and driving characteristics the ExtremeX spark plugs unleash the true potential of your engine!

*NOTE : Due to the higher output characteristics and demands typical race lifespan of the spark plug is 5000-8000 miles or every other race. If radio EMI and RFI noise are concerns the WeaponX X-Factor stabilizes electrical integrity in the ignition system and removes any RFI / EMI emissions created by the spark plugs.

WeaponX Spark Plug Technical Article

NOTE : All latest WeaponX spark plugs match NGK heat index values to ease customer cross reference.

WEAPONX SPARK PLUG INTERCHANGE LIST : Full documentation on which applications are currently supported.

Proprietary Iridium / Rhodium alloy spark plug, 14mm thread, .984" (25mm) reach, 5/8" hex, taper seat, non-resistor, removable terminal nut, semi-projected tip, fine wire (0.5mm) WeaponX Ir/Rh center electrode, tapered cut ground electrode, .040"gap


  • Model: SPFXCF
  • Manufactured by: Mission Ignition Systems

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