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WeaponX Strikeforce Multi Channel Ignition Amplifier


WeaponX Level 2 Series Ignition Amplifier

For 4 channel sequential ignition system or up to 8 channel wasted spark ignition system

A universal, plug and play ignition amplifier that alters your 12 volt ignition system and bumps it up to 24 volts. Used for up to 8 cylinders, it is an inductive ignition system upgrade which improves overall ignition voltage, and output spark for the strongest ignition events available. Using the latest in SMD technology, our amplifier monitors ignition load and automatically increases spark duration and voltage to optimise the spark characteristics of your ignition by increasing voltage to your existing ignition setup when needed.

The WeaponX Amplifier uses solid state circuitry to enhance the power output of your stock ignition system without all the fuss commonly associated with bigger, bulkier ignition boxes. Mission Systems WeaponX Ignition Amplifier improves power output of any stock inductive or points ignition system.


Up to 32 volt coil output power.

Up to 12 ampere current output.

Advanced SMD automotive spec electronics and PCB design.

Integrated WeaponX ignition condenser unit for reduced RFI / EMI noise for smooth ECU operation.

Lifetime warranty*

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  • Model: IEK1003
  • Manufactured by: WeaponX

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