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TaKAI Aerospace Ignition Unit, 1-4 Channel

TaKAI Aerospace Ignition Unit, One to Four Channel Inductive Ignition Unit

30 ampere continuous, 50 ampere burst output, 200mJ energy output

TaKAI Aerospace ignition unit is an exceptional performance, high current, inductive ignition unit using MIL spec components and are the ideal price to performance champion in aerospace ignition systems.

Using a four wire system TaKAI ignition modules up the ante from our WeaponX v1.0 Aerospace lineup which are current limited at 12.5 amperes allowing up to 30 ampere output per coil, while allowing for an exceptionally high coil voltage output. TaKAI Aerospace ignition modules are designed for a 24-32 volt input and power stage, which eliminates the need for high voltage power concerns in typical aerospace ignition units near system devices.

Using surface mount, MILITARY SPEC SMD technology, TaKAI components are a custom in house solution, are ultra compact, and offer exceptional electronic characteristics over standard industry options.

TaKAI Aerospace Ignition Unit FEATURES :
-Lifetime warranty*.
-Compact size, and reduced weight compared to current industry standards.
-Advanced Mil Spec SMD PCB design.
-Allows for high voltage output.
-30 ampere, burst 50 ampere current output per coil.
-No current limiting circuitry for more flexibily during engine firing ensuring reliable ignition events which are more resistant to misfire or backfire events.
-Mission Ignitions EMI / RFI reduction circuitry for stable ECU operation.
-Inductive flyback protection.
-Resistant to harsh operating environments.
-Internal temperature maximum rated to -40 to 180 degrees C

*requires proof of purchase and Mission Ignition Systems provided value files. Warranty pro rated.

For custom applications please feel free to contact our engineering staff.

Email: Mission Ignition Systems Engineering Team

  • Model: IGN2XARO
  • Manufactured by: Mission Ignition Systems

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