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Ignition Wire Kit MX- 2 Stroke PowerCORE Wire Assembled

Takai Two Stroke High Performance Powersport Ignition Wire

Tested to provide the highest output, the lowest resistance and interference values available in a single package Takai's PowerCORE 8.8mm Hybrid Super Conductor provides exceptional high voltage protection for high output ignition coils and includes a host of features developed for the 21st century.

Takai PowerCORE wire now includes a technology called "CORE" tech. CORE tech is a unique hybrid winding designed to harness the electrical and magnetic energy passing through the wire and releases it when high engine demands are made rather then waste it as heat in other styles of ignition wire. This allows for maximum energy transfer to the spark plug, helps sustain spark energy over a wider period of time and allows for the lowest interference levels available. Internally what can be found is our low resistance hybrid wound nickel plated copper conductor and carbon nanotube construction wire which offers ideal resistances for maximum voltage and current to the spark plug while providing a long / reliable life span. The PowerCORE Hybrid Super Conductor is designed to be 100ohm / ft and can successfully accomplish several important wire functions over competitor designs such as

- implement our Takai CORE design for higher voltages and current
- implement oxidation prevention at the wire terminals allowing for long life and high performance years after installation even in harsh environmental conditions
- reduce vehicle RFI / EMI levels for improved ECU efficiency
- create longer, more powerful output spark events
- increase fuel mileage and power output
- improve idle and transitional throttle response of the engine

PowerCORE wire also includes a wire graphite film around the CORE which reduces skin effect losses by as much as 6x associated with similar spiral wound designs. This graphite layer also further helps protect against oxidation and corrosion at the terminal connection.

A conductive ferrite impregnated silicon mag core as well as a carbon impregnated carbon kevlar core also aid in reducing skin effect losses, increases the ignition wires pull strength and successfully lowers EMI / RFI interferences (much like an internal ferrite bead) while helping to aid in the wires overall electrical conduction.

With many other features that improve upon our competitor wires such as lapping our primary and secondary silicon layers which allows us to double the insulation capability of the wire and increases wire strength, there is no other wire that can compete in the class.

Engineered as the complete balanced package the Takai PowerCORE wire and components reduces wire resistance, increase performance over the life of the wire, reduce skin effect losses from poor performing wire, increase spark reserve energy, lowers engine RFI / EMI, provide exceptional strength, insulation and resistance to harsh operating environments there is simply no competitor wire available able to match the technology, quality, value, reliability and power output of Takai PowerCORE wire and components.

  • Model: TIWK0002
  • Manufactured by: TaKAI

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