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Ignition Wire PowerCORE 8.8MM (Sold Per Foot)


WeaponX PowerCORE Ignition Wire

View part numbers HWL0201(red) and HWL0202(black) for heat resistant and color changing options on our PowerCORE ignition wire.

Tested to provide the highest output, the lowest resistance and interference values available in a single package WeaponX's PowerCORE 8.8mm Hybrid Super Conductor provides exceptional high voltage protection for high output ignition coils and includes a host of features developed for the 21st century.

WeaponX PowerCORE wire is a unique hybrid winding designed with a processed graphite core using a mist process, has shown promise as a room temperature super conductor. That, along with a spiral wound copper core plated with nickle, and an interior carbon / nanotube filament core, allows for maximum power transfer, low ignition noise and amazing heat resistance / transfer for extreme underhood environments. This combination provides the following enhancements over our competitors.

-the new graphite processed mag core allows for superior electrical conduction
-the nickle plated core offers superior element resistance and oxidation resistance for clean connections and a long, reliable life span
-the graphite coating offers improved electrical transfer, and superior heat transfer capabilities allowing for the wire to operate cooler, and more efficiently
-the ferrite impregnated silicon mag core aids in reducing skin effect losses and lowers EMI / RFI interferences (much like an internal ferrite bead) while helping to aid in the wires overall electrical conduction
-incorporates a kevlar core for increased ignition wire pull strength
-100% double outer silicon wire for improved electrical insulation and wire performance

The PowerCORE Hybrid Super Conductor is designed to be 50ohm and allows for a longer, more powerful output spark event, increased fuel mileage, power output and improve idle and transient throttle response.

Engineered as the complete balanced package the WeaponX PowerCORE wire and components reduces wire resistance, increase performance over the life of the wire, reduces electrical losses, increase spark energy, provide exceptional strength, insulation and resistance to harsh operating environments.


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