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NeXT Powered Inductive Ignition Module 4 Channel

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NeXT SHO Powered Inductive Series Ignition System, Four Channel Inductive Ignition Module

160 ampere continuous, 200 ampere burst output, 1000mJ energy output, with integrated plasma amplifier, and line conditioner

The NeXT ignition modules are an elite line of unmatched performance products. Built specifically for customer needs, and serialized to the owner. NeXT ignition modules use our internal amplifier topology to out perform all CDI's and ignition modules on the market, guaranteed or your money back.

Next Ignition Modules are the highest voltage / current components available which use military spec components for the utmost reliability. Using the most efficient components available, NeXT igniters deliver a continuous 40 amperes per channel while allowing for an 100KV coil output and a total of 1000mJ of ignition energy. Ideal for stand alone engine management applications, the NeXT ignition modules are ideal for any 2 wire ignition coil applications.


-Lifetime warranty*
-Allows for up to 100KV ignition coil output.
-Up to 200 amp output.
-40 amperes per channel output.
-1000mJ system power output.
-Internal integrated, powered amplifier.
-Advanced SMD, Mil spec PCB design.
-Mission Ignitions EMI / RFI reduction circuitry for stable ECU operation.
-Custom Mission Systems, ultra responsive ignition drivers are used to ensure ignition events which are more resistant to fouling or misfire.
-Splash resistant to standard motorsport fluids
-Thermal overload protection.

*requires proof of purchase and Mission Ignition Systems provided value files.
Datasheet for electrical parameters, all NeXT models
WEAPONX NEXT INDUCTIVE IGNITION TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS : Full electrical specifications for NeXT Inductive Ignitor Module.

  • Model: IGN84XSHO
  • Manufactured by: NeXT

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