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WeaponX Level 2 Super Coil - Honda 4cyl

(set 4) - All Honda Civic, B series, H series, 4 cylinder auto engines only.

WeaponX Level 2 Direct Fire Super Coils

CDI application ONLY, stock height pencil ignition coils to fit under the OEM coil cover, proper seals and boots provided
See below for complete application list.

Mission Ignition Systems builds and supplies proven performance products to the best industry professionals and customers around the world. Backed by our unlimited mileage lifetime warranty, WeaponX ignition coils offer the performance, efficiency and fuel mileage advantage enthusiasts are looking for by unleashing more power in every engine. The WeaponX ignition coil lineup use the same components to power the 1600+ horsepower engines and are the complete solution to your ignition needs. Whether it's to improve the engine efficiency and response for a weekend cruise to the beach, or to improve the output for a high performance 1/4 mile rocket, WeaponX ignition coils have you covered.

As the innovator in coil on plug aftermarket products, and armed with the most experience in the industry when it comes to direct coil on plug technology, Mission Systems has redefined high performance, modern day, ignition coil design. Using custom technology derived for, and from professional racing venues such as F1, WeaponX ignition coils power 1600+ horsepower engines without breaking a sweat delivering the performance, efficiency and fuel mileage advantage enthusiasts are looking for by improving the intensity of the spark event, and unleashing more power during each combustion stroke.

Patented technology allows for 35% higher efficiency, and multiple spark discharge events ensuring gains never before seen through typical ignition upgrades. One such innovation is Direct Fire Technology (DFT) which locks the ignition coil DIRECTLY to the spark plug for higher efficiency. DFT allows for precise combustion chamber timing and flame front control allowing for maximum output and engine response. Typical ignition coils use a coil near plug methodology due to the small interconnecting spring between the ignition coil and the spark plug. By utilizing DFT we are able to compress the circuit, eliminating the need for the interconnect wire, and connections. Because of this, not only have customers realized greater engine response, but also extended horsepower (10 to 200rwhp*), and increases to fuel mileage by as much as 3 miles to the gallon, an investment that pays for itself in months.

Mission Systems WeaponX ignition coil lineup stands as the top performance pencil coil on the market and our commitment to quality, performance is our promise to you. With our unlimited mileage lifetime warranty, you can be assured we will be here to back you up as well.

WeaponX Ignition Coil FEATURES include :
- lifetime warranty*
- higher current and voltage (12.5a / 80kV**)
- enhanced horsepower (15 - 200whp proven*)
- enhanced fuel mileage (up to 3mpg proven*)
- direct fire tech locks the output stage directly to the spark plug
- multiple spark discharge events
- complete competition level RFI/EMI protection
- super high quality materials
- enhanced PCM / ECU value files available for increased ignition coil performance
- efficient power transfer and design characteristics (up to 35% greater)
- weather proof dust boots
- high rpm capability (tested to 15Krpm*)

WeaponX Racing Ignition Coils, the evolution of high performance engineering.

*value files available for power and mileage gains depending on modifications done to engine and applications, pro rated lifetime warranty requires proof of purchase and use with WeaponX provided value files **requires 80kV capable igniter module or CDI

Partial Application List Below:

WeaponX PN - ICK4550

B16. B18 and all B series engines
H22, and all H series engines

  • Model: ICK4550
  • Manufactured by: Mission Ignition Systems

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