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TaKAI INDUCTIVE - Level 3 Direct Fire Super Coil

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TaKAI Level 3 High Performance Direct Fire Ignition Coils

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Don't compromise, TaKAI components have taken the podium in every race venue ever professionally entered. Demand on what the winners use in professional motorsports. TaKAI Level 3 ignition coils can be substituted on almost all applications, and are what professionals use to cross the finish line first. The best teams in the world are on the podium with Mission Ignitions TaKAI line of products.

With the most experience in the industry when it comes to coil on plug technology, and armed with with the confidence our products deliver, the best engines in the world rely on Mission ignition to ignite the engine time after time, and are proven winners to reliably ignite the best engines on the planet by providing an unmatched 80KV, 20amp output capability, are designed for harsh environments, long term durability, and multiple high voltage strikes.

TaKAI Ignition Coil FEATURES
- lifetime warranty*
- lighter weight, and higher output then WeaponX Level 2
- higher current and voltage (20a / 80kV**)
- enhanced horsepower (15 - 200whp proven*)
- enhanced fuel mileage (up to 3mpg proven*)
- direct fire tech locks the output stage directly to the spark plug
- multiple spark discharge events
- complete competition level RFI/EMI protection
- super high quality materials
- enhanced PCM / ECU value files available for increased ignition coil performance
- efficient power transfer and design characteristics (up to 35% greater)
- weather proof dust boots
- high rpm capability (tested to 15Krpm*)

*value files available for power and mileage gains depending on modifications done to engine and applications, pro rated lifetime warranty requires proof of purchase and use with Mission Ignition Sytems provided value files **requires 80kV capable igniter module

If you have a custom application please feel free to contact our engineering staff to see if we have an off the shelf component that will work in your application. We can also engineer ignition coils to your specification.

Email: Mission Ignition Systems Engineering Team

Please leave note during checkout process for your preferred ignition coil dimensions with part number as listed in the Technical Document below
TAKAI COIL DIMENSIONS AND ORDER NUMBERS : Full technical specifications for WeaponX ignition coil dimensions.

  • Model: ICKT999
  • Manufactured by: Mission Ignition Systems

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