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WeaponX Spark Plug Overview

The fact is, engines NEED a hotter spark for a more complete, higher horsepower combustion event. Science proves that energy can only be converted from one state to another and with losses. Case and point, a small spark can only release an equivalent amount of energy in another process such as starting a large flame kernel in the combustion chamber. This is why it is also critical to increase available spark output. By increasing spark output more energy per combustion event can then be released. So what is needed to realize the full potential from an engine are the WeaponX spark plugs which excel over other designs in increasing spark energy. internal spark plug

When designing a spark plug several features must be taken into careful consideration. During the engineering phase WeaponX decided to merge new technology which leaves all other spark plugs obsolete. WeaponX spark plugs are the only specified racing Iridium / Rhodium low resistance spark plugs in existence. Created for a super high output, no compromise ignition event these deliver the highest overall power to the spark gap over any competing design guaranteed. Made specifically to boost horsepower, increase gas mileage and improve service life there is simply no spark plug to compare it's state of the art design to.

WeaponX spark plugs use the highest quality materials, are produced in our state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities and in a never-ending effort to improve upon success WeaponX has also developed electrode technology that is superior to all others in form and function. Made for extreme environments and high output there is simply no competition for the WeaponX low resistance spark plugs.

Others can attempt to mimik WeaponX technology, such as our cutback center electrode, but only WeaponX delivers the complete package.

For the best performance possible there is only one choice, WeaponX.

high power output
fine taper ground electrode
360 degree laser weld
super fine wire electrode
WeaponX cutback, CB designed center electrode

SuperX Spark Plugs

high performance spark plugThe perfect choice to replace your late model engines spark plugs. Balancing smooth engine characteristics, high efficiency, improved gas mileage and extended change intervals during all required engine demands.

Designed the best, all around spark plug for enthusiasts looking for a replacement spark plug the amazing new technology used in the SuperX spark plug allows for increased mileage by as much as 6% by ensuring reliable combustion events all while delivering smooth engine performance, added performance and driving characteristics over other designs.

Delivering high tech processes such as our 360 degree laser welded tip, WeaponX has also developed an Iridium / Rhodium super alloy that is superior to all other conventional spark plugs based on hardness, strength and melting point. The new alloy is composed primarily of Iridium with Rhodium mixed in for oxidation wear which make the spark plug tip extremely hard and electrically efficient for the greatest potential resistance against wear in the most demanding environments as well as improved electrical conductivity over competitor designs. This means that the life of the spark plug can be extended up to 100,000 miles or more with superior performance characteristics over other designs! Infact, WeaponX spark plugs at over half the life expectancy will still out perform a typical brand new copper / nickel based spark plug!

With our proprietary iridium / rhodium fine wire center electrode, exclusive taper back power insulator and fine taper ground strap all elements of the spark plug are designed to reduce flame quenching for improved flame core growth all while maintaining it's shape and allowing for optimal performance through the life of the plug!

high power output
fine taper ground electrode
360 degree laser weld
super fine wire electrode
resistor core
WeaponX cutback, CB designed center electrode


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ExtremeX Spark Plugs

high output spark plug

The ExtremeX Ultra High Performance spark plug lineup is the perfect choice for engines that require smooth engine response and the MOST power output from idle to redline. Designed to be the best, no compromise spark plug the ExtremeX lineup is essential for releasing all the available power waiting to be unleashed in your engines combustion chamber!

Using technology trickle down, WeaponX is the only company that modifies typical designs used in professional racing to enhance the capabilities of typical performance engines. Unlike conventional designs ExtremeX spark plugs have high efficiency cores, also used in professional leagues such as F1, developed to output a spark event 25x more powerful then standard off the shelf designs!

Designed to be the best, no compromise spark plug for all engine combinations, the technology in the ExtremeX lineup is exclusive to WeaponX and proven on professional race circuits around the world. Delivering state of the art technology resulting in uncompromising spark output, dramatic gains in performance, and driving characteristics the ExtremeX spark plugs unleash the true potential of your engine!spark kernel


increased engine mileage
increased engine torque
increased engine horsepower
improved throttle response
zero OHM Copper Core (measures at 0.4ohms)
iridium / Rhodium Center Electrode
taper Cut ground electrode
cutback Power Insulator
high current output
reduced flame front quenching
360 degree laser weld


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