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Welcome to the WeaponX Performance site! Here at WeaponX our team of highly qualified engineers are motivated by providing the highest quality and performance equipment available!

Through extensive research and development our team strives to:
Offer the best service and equipment in the market today.
Offer outstanding value through extensive R&D.

Not only does WeaponX strive to provide the best ignition products available, WeaponX can also custom design ignition components for your specific application.

Here at WeaponX we don't just employ individuals who can just do the job, here, our teams of highly innovative engineers use new dimensions of thinking never before seen in the industry to get the job done right.

Just how does this new thinking work? While all others, including OEMS, specialize in single areas of engineering, we at WeaponX have found that by merging technologies and ideas from various fields exciting new products and programs with vastly improved properties can be created. This gives our product line exciting innovations rather then relying on existing principals which makes money, rather then performance and quality a first priority. While others struggle to improve existing concepts with the typical in the box and cost cutting mentality, our engineering team has opened up new realms of possibilities and performance oriented products.