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X-Factor Plasma Ignition Amplifier Overview

plasma boosterThe smallest, most compact design in it's class! The X-Factor uses solid state circuitry to enhance the power output of your underpowered ignition system without all the fuss commonly associated with bigger, bulkier ignition boxes. Designed to enhance the existing characteristics of your stock ignition there simply is no other device that offers benefits provided with the X-Factor Plasma Ignition Amplifier.

With the ability to increase power output, increase ignition system reliability, and fuel mileage there is simply no other device as capable in it's performance characteristics.

Able to dynamically control power output and reduce EMI, RFI or EMC, commonly referred to as electrical interference in any system, the X-Factor high energy kit raises current to the spark gap creating multiple plasma burts to ensure reliable combustion events while eliminating any erratic running, and misfire events. The X-Factor smooth's out engine performance allowing for vastly improved engine characteristics and power output while protecting all onboard electronics.

The X-Factor Plasma Ignition Amplifier is the latest cutting edge solution for performance ignitions by introducing electronics that are so seamless and so precise that it has revolutionized the performance ignition market.

For the best performance and ultimate in electronic reliability there simply is no other solution better suited then the X-Factor Ignition Enhancer, an absolutely must have for those that want to ensure reliable performance and high output power for your vehicle.


- multiple spark plasma discharge events
- increases voltage output
- reduces RFI/EMI
- RFI/EMI protection circuitry
- quality conductor selections
- stabilizes and monitors voltage output
- ultra efficient power transfer and design
- OE mounting and connections
- high rpm capability
- perfect fit and finish
- increased horsepower (typically 5-40rwhp)
- increased fuel mileage (typically 1-2MPG)
- lifetime warranty


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Interference Xterminator+ Condensor

ignition condenserTypical high performance products such as high performance ignitions and fuel pumps can cause an annoying phenomenon known as EMI, RFI and electrical interference. Typically these interferences are known to us as electronic gremlins and normally arise in any vehicle when performance modifications are made but are now also seen in a vast majority of recalls from various manufacturers.

WeaponX has reliably solved this issue by developing a state of the art electronic device so precise that it successfully reduces harmful and potentially dangerous electronic issues in any of the vehicles primary or secondary electrical systems.

Developed to ensure electrical system stability WeaponX's Interference Xterminator+ uses new and proven methods to drastically reduce electronic interference levels ensuring proper operation of the vehicle at all times. As an added benefit it also conditions the power on all connected devices for improved performance.

The best thing about the Interference Xterminator+ is that the device so non-intrusive it virtually installs itself with its 3 wire connection all while offering peace of mind for those potentially dangerous electronic issues that may arise.

Interference Xterminator+ FEATURES:

- reduces RFI/EMI
- RFI/EMI protection circuitry
- quality conductor selections
- high rpm capability
- increased electrical system stability
- lifetime warranty


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