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WeaponX Ignition Coil Overview

pencil ignition coilHighly advanced ignition coils using the most modern technology creating the most powerful ignition coil available. WeaponX offers the only full featured direct Coil On Plug upgrade in existence made to replace automotive stock coil near plug designs.

Made to provide ultra high efficiency, this next generation ignition coil has technology borrowed from professional racing leagues and are refined for optimal use on many late model platforms.

WeaponX engineers are the FIRST to develop aftermarket late model, high output, coil on plug technology. Unlike traditional ignition coils, coil on plug has several features not found on previous ignition coil designs. Because of this WeaponX is the leader in testing and producing the latest generation ignition coil products such as pencil style ignition coils.

WeaponX ignition coils have the latest technologies which focus on improving electrical efficiency meaning more electrical energy is converted into spark energy vs ANY major coil on plug supplier. One way do this is the elimination of conventional ignition wire.

All WeaponX ignition coils completely eliminate the ignition wire to the spark plug (today commonly integrated and included in the ignition coil) to provide the highest efficiency path for the electrical energy to the ignition event. See examples here. Ignition wire connected to conventional ignition coils.

Designed to be high efficiency, WeaponX ignition coils are designed to have a higher voltage output, higher amperage and a longer spark burn time resulting in double the combustion burn time of conventional systems.

Our ignition coils also use the latest epoxy casting materials as well as utilize high cross section low loss core designed for high energy spark events. The manufacture of these coils also employ number of new technologies that enhance the internal structures which includes a vacuum mould process for tighter more accurate components. This allows design dimensions of our components to be produced within one hundred thousandths of an inch for the highest accuracy, highest output components available.sho ignition coil

Special winding technology, vacuum pressurized high voltage encapsulation potting technology and high precision assembly are also other key benefits and features of the new generation coils.

Using these patent pending features WeaponX coils allow for improved electronic equipment function, reduced stress on electrical systems and flawless high performance or street oriented performance.

With a no sacrifice approach to material or product quality they are waiting to unleash the power in your engine!


enhanced horsepower
enhanced fuel mileage
high power output
high rpm capability
plug and play
complete EMI/RFI shielding
professional level technology
the best materials and build available

Super High Output EFX Series Direct Fire Super Coils

ignition cap coilPowering vehicles up to and over 1200 rear wheel horsepower WeaponX possesses the most experience in the industry when it comes to late model super high performance coil on plug technology that delivers!

Designing the best ignition coils on the planet WeaponX has engineered two patent pending features and done extensive testing to redefine high performance ignition coil design.

Developed primarily for late model engines by using existing ignition coil models developed for the F1 and F3 platforms WeaponX has successfully adapted the latest cutting edge technology for modern day street or performance oriented engines! Not only does this mean higher voltage but it also means more total energy output vs all competitors!

WeaponX's Exclusive pat. technology also allows for an impressive 80,000 volt output and gains never before seen through an ignition upgrade! This along with multiple spark discharge events coupled with high output mag core technology delivers more power and mileage benefits then all other competitor designs.

While all others mimic technology that hasn't changed since the inception of the ignition coil, WeaponX has taken a quantum leap ahead of the competition and has designed an ignition coil that has surpassed all others in form and function.

By designing a completely new design, unlike conventional designs, the WeaponX XCOPS completely eliminate the need for interconnects meaning better, more efficient power transfer capabilities. Because of this, not only have customers realized anywhere from 10 to 40rwhp* but many customers have also reported fuel mileage increases by as much as 3 miles to the gallon meaning this is an investment that pays for itself in months.

The WeaponX EFX ignition coil lineup also comes with a 5 year warranty and now exclusively has PCM optimized value file for your tuner to modify and optimize our ignition coils within the computer*. WeaponX is the ONLY company to ever develop and invest in these dramatic new cutting edge PCM parameters to further optimize your investment.

XCOP EFX Direct Fire Ignition Coil FEATURES:ignition energy output

- CNC direct fire output connections
- multiple spark discharge
- the best output available
- 80,000 volt output
- high output inductive / cdi versions available
- complete competition level RFI/EMI protection
- high output capability
- super high quality conductor selections
- ultra efficient power transfer and design characteristics
- weather proof dust boots
- high rpm capability
- extended fuel mileage
- extended horsepower
- internal cooling
- high cross section laminated mag core
- professional level technology
- true COP upgrade
- complete plug and play system
- patent pending technology
- five year warranty

The XCOPS are the ultimate in COIL ON PLUG conversions available. You will simply love the benefits once installed on your vehicle!


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High Output ST Series Ignition Coils

performance ignitino coilWith the most experience in the industry when it comes to coil on plug technology WeaponX has designed the most reliable performance ignition coil for use on the Ford modular engine.

WeaponX has added the street series ignition coil for enthusiasts that are in need of a high end ignition coil on a tight budget. The Street ignition coils are a direct OEM replacement ignition coil that have many of the same coil enhancements as our super high output line and an impressive 40,000 volt output.

The WeaponX STREET lineup of ignition coils benefits from the technology trickle down effect and because of this our competitors simply cannot match the pure power potential and pure electrical efficiency of our design.

XCOP Street Ignition Coils FEATURES:

- multiple spark discharge
- 40,000 volt output
- RFI/EMI protection shield
- quality conductor selections
- CNC profiled positive retention connectors
- ultra efficient power transfer and design
- weather proof dust boots
- high rpm capability
- perfect fit and finish
- increased horsepower (typically 5-20rwhp)
- increased fuel mileage (typically 1-2MPG)
- 30 day warranty*, optional 2 year warranty

The XCOP Street is a plug an play ignition coil that is meant for vehicles running stock to mildly modified engines. They are a high output design meant to surpass the capabilities of our competitor coils at the same price range.


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Super High Output Tower EFX Super Coils!

performance ignition coilWith the most experience in the industry when it comes to modern S.H.O. ignition technology WeaponX has designed a drop in ignition coil solution with highly advanced internal circuitry!

Tower EFX Super Coils are currently involved in powering some of NASA's latest rocket boosters driving and igniting over 400,000+ lb / ft of thrust. Trusted due to our components reliability, output and accurate control mechanisms employed in WeaponX's ignition coils. This same technology is used for your high performance street driven vehicle!

Designed for vehicles which do not have the capability to adapt coil on plug units WeaponX has added the Tower EFX lineup for enthusiasts that are in need of a no compromise, high output ignition coil to fit in the stock ignition coil location.

The Tower EFX ignition coils are a direct OEM replacement ignition coil that have many internal coil enhancements as our super high output EFX line and as well as an impressive 80,000 volt output. chevy V8 ignition package

The WeaponX EFX ignition coil lineup also comes with a 5 year warranty and unlike competitor components benefit from the EFX technology trickle down effect which increases available output voltage, electrical efficiency and ignition coil reliability.

Tower EFX Ignition Coils FEATURES:

- smart ignition coil system for TTL level control
- available in coil near or coil on plug applications
- multiple spark discharge
- 80,000 volt output
- internal RFI/EMI protection circuitry
- quality conductor selections
- CNC profiled positive retention connectors
- ultra efficient power transfer and design
- OE mounting and connections
- high rpm capability
- perfect fit and finish
- increased horsepower (typically 5-40rwhp)
- increased fuel mileage (typically 1-2MPG)
- five year warranty*

The Tower EFX is your solution for ignition coils that require increased performance and reliable operation in your vehicle.


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