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About WeaponX!

mazda ignitionWeaponX Motorsports officially broke onto the automotive scene in 2002 with goals of providing auto enthusiasts and automotive companies with no compromise service and equipment. With highly qualified individuals offering leading edge services WeaponX soon became known for their exceptional skills in engineering and performance services.

Cutting Edge Personnel
Is what separates WeaponX from the others. Today WeaponX is a small team of highly qualified automotive electrical engineers with ties to professional racing leagues. We use and take high performance equipment seriously.

Who is WeaponX?

shelby cobraThe CEO and founder of WeaponX Performance Products LTD, Mark Lepore, is a former professor in Engineering and an an electrical engineer that first worked in the automotive market serving automotive companies such as GM, Magna, Honda and more, as a key electrical engineering / electronic systems specialist.

As an automotive enthusist Mark is one of a handfull in the scene that truely understands electronics in modern day electronically controlled vehicles and first engineered his own ignition components, for his own vehicle, to improve on the existing automotive components available. Developing parts for his own high performance vehicle was never intended to extend past that vision, but when a request was made to share the technology with friends Mark made a select few parts with the resources available. Soon, what started as limited production components ended up being a hit in the industry.

Using a cost is no object approach, investments in tooling and assembly equipment were purchased to provide the same performance products used on his vehicle for all automotive enthusiasts, racers, and companies interested in using those same components. Today Mark and the team are commited to delivering the same high performance products used on thier very cars to help the community.

All of that aside, it's always been about putting quality and the customer first and making them feel like part of the team.

Today WeaponX provides the latest cutting edge products for many automotive platforms and expands daily for those who share the same passion we do here at WeaponX. Because of our grassroots approach, we understand what the automotive enthusiast is looking for and drive WeaponX to be one of the few companies in the scene that stands by it's moral obligation to provide and develop products that are high quality, reliable and meet or exceed existing performance product expectations.

Today, WeaponX tuned products can be seen in use by Shelby American, as well as key Ford vehicles at the race track in the American Iron series, in AMA Supercross, AMA MotoGP, World Superbike, Dirt Oval, the Arial Atom, in Daytona Porche prototypes, and in 2000+ hp Muscle Mustangs, Corvettes, Vipers and many enthusiast tuned vehicles around the world such as the Australian Ford Falcon!

Through the years WeaponX has also sponsored many professional drivers and earned various podium finishes in series such as "American Iron" (2nd overall), and European Superbike with top 3 finishes. Helping break track records, land speed records and quarter mile records has become a staple here at WeaponX.

WeaponX is constantly striving to produce the best products and push the boundaries of our knowledge to further refine, improve and enhance our products. Delivering results and products years ahead of many other specialty divisions and race teams all while providing the customer support you expect.

Take a look at our products and find out why WeaponX provides unprecedented support and performance from our lineup of high quality parts. Purchase our products today and find out what many others already know.