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WeaponX is not, and has never been affiliated with WeaponXMotorsports since 2012. WeaponX ignition owned the web domain www.weaponxmotorsports.com fron 2001-2011 until aquired illegally by Blake Ocelot, who now sells competitor components for resale. WeaponX Performance is the original and has been in a legal battle with WeaponX Motorsports since opening in 2012 because of their unprofessional, illegal, and unethical use of our logo and copyright. Because of this, WeaponX Ignition is concerned our customers are getting poor quality ignition components and are being directed to the wrong source for their ignition needs.

Only trust the original. www.weaponxmotorsports.com has been selling knockoff, and competitor products under our label for over 5 years illegally, and with records of angry customers due to their unprofessional activities we would like to make sure our customers are aware of the issues that currently exist. We are doing the best we can to resolve the market confusion, and as always, are here for our customers needs.

CEO Mark Lepore


WeaponX is committed to offering the latest high quality ignition components for your engine, guaranteed, or your money back. To find out more, or to see some of the new applications we offer, check out the in depth detail about our ignition components. After all, knowledge is power!


Most trusted in late model performance ignitions.

Why should you trust WeaponX with your vehicles ignition needs? Did you know, after exhausting back to backs vs all competitors, WeaponX is the chosen ignition supplier to Shelby American Inc. for their 1200+hp Shelby 1000.
As well as helping Shelby American Inc. exceed 800 hp in thier new 1200+hp Shelby 1000, WeaponX is humbled to be a very small part of the team by supplying professionals around the world acheive the holy grail of powersports accomplishments by using our extensive background in late model ignition systems.

WeaponX Performance Products LTD. is the first innovator and producer of aftermarket ignition components for late model "coil on plug" applications and relentlessly seeks to produce the best ignition components available worldwide. Our components, unlike an intake or exhaust, improve engine responsiveness and power right from idle all the way to redline and provide compound power gains, even at part throttle. The more air and fuel you throw at a WeaponX ignition system, the more power our ignition components effectively unleash.

Not only that, but with our top notch customer service and assistance we want to make sure you leave feeling like part of the team, confident about your purchase and right about the product and the end results. WeaponX is here for you!

Just how does WeaponX accomplish these gains? Science tells us by placing more energy into a process we can extract more energy out of a process.This is the underlying principal involved in performance ignition upgrades and WeaponX meets this small requirement in assisting Shelby American with their 1200 horsepower supercar.

Congratulations once again to Shelby American. The Shelby 1000 is an engineering and visual masterpiece.

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Performance Products by WeaponX Performance

ignition boosterlearn more about ignition booster


Looking for a product to boost the output of your ignition system without breaking the bank?

sho pencil ignition coillearn more about pencil ignition coil


The latest F1 ignition technology packaged for your street or performance oriented automobile.

ignition wirelearn more about ignition wire


The ultimate ignition wire has arrived using a hybrid spiral wound copper and integrated carbon core for the best of both worlds!

ignition modulelearn more about ignition module


The latest ignitor technology packaged for your street or performance oriented automobile.

ignition accessorieslearn more about ignition accessories


The latest ignition wire boots, accessories and automotive interconnects.

spark plugslearn more about spark plugs


WeaponX high output spark plugs for the best performance on the street or the strip.

Still Need More!? Improve Power and Mileage!
Welcome to WeaponX!

performance chevySometimes, the only way to make something better is to start from scratch. To start with a blank sheet of paper and build it right, from the ground up.

Here at WeaponX we strive to do this with every product and since 2002 we have provided the best performance products available for customers that demanded, and needed more performance and mileage benefits vs any competing product. Ever since WeaponX has been redefining and providing the best performance oriented ignition components money can buy!

With our lineup of Super High Output Ignition Components WeaponX broke onto the performance automotive scene in 2002 and ever since has been redefining and providing the best performance oriented ignition components money can buy!

Search this site and find out why WeaponX is the biggest name in late model ignition performance products!